Series of illustrations based on the beings around us: creatures and animals.
I created monsters to understand and express my feelings and passions. 

The Bell Jar (2023) Watercolour

The Corner of My Room (2023) Black ink and Digital Illustration

Ghosts Trip (2022) Watercolour and Oil Painting

Where is Wally? Digital Illustration, 2020

The Place of lost and founds (2019) Colour pencils

Spring Creatures (2023) Watercolour and pencils

Sketch for Spring Creature (2023)

Some of them are based on my childhood in Rio de Janeiro, nature there inspires my creativity.

Supper (2023) Mix media

Caipirinha, watercolor (2023)
Caipirinha, watercolor (2023)
Cerva, watercolor (2024)
Cerva, watercolor (2024)
Açaí, watercolor (2023)
Açaí, watercolor (2023)
Mate, watercolor (2023)
Mate, watercolor (2023)

Lobo Guara (2022) Digital Character Design

Wednesday Frog (2021) Watercolour and Graphic Pens

Rainy friends (2023) Black ink and watercolour

Not a Valentine Pig (2021) Digital Illustration

Not a Fat Pig (2021) Digital Illustration

The day that the night met (2023) Black Ink

The Wolf and the Girl (2020) Watercolour and Graphic Pens 

Fish and Terror (2020) Gouache and Acrylics on Wood

Fish after Terror (2019) Black ink and Graphic White Pen

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