After a series of natural disasters in Brazil which were caused due to human negligence, I created these works to reflect the contrast between nature and mankind -  using tarot cards aesthetics to cause an uncanny feeling. 

The Star (2019) Graphic pens and acrylics

The Star (2019) Graphic pens and acrylics

The Sun (2019) Graphic pens and acrylics

Illustration adaptation for the tarot deck and card back (2019) Graphic pens and Acrylics on cards

Page from my sketchbook, studies of The Sun (2019)

Tucano (2020) Graphic pens and acrylics

Sketches of Tucanos (2020)

Ukulele inspired by this project. Painted with acrylics.
This project was exhibited at 'Mostra Tua Arte' in Belém, Brazil (2020)
and at the 'London Design Festival' in the Bottle Factory in the UK (2022)
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