Book design covers and illustrations that I developed for clients and competitions. 
Sociedade do Crachá
Cover design for Renato Baroni, author of Sociedade do Crachá, Published by Novos Ases, 2023
Treatment in old pictures for the final cover and marketing posters
Pictures used for the design, found in Portobello Road Vintage Market in 2023
Cover design tests and experiments.
Diary of a Young Naturalist
Cover design for Penguin Books, design competition, 2022
Final design

Cover mock-up (2022)

Cover mock-up (2022)

Final cover template 

Experimentations; All the book covers that I created for this project
First investigations and ideas of the book

What is the book about? Research on the Diary of a Young Naturalist (2022)

Who is the author? Research on Dara McAnulty (2022)

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